Let’s visit the painter Tadas Tru in his studio

Since graduating with a degree in painting and fine arts from the Vilnius Arts Academy, Tadas has been working tirelessly in his studio. The language in which Tadas communicates his art is one of theme and symbol, enunciated via his characteristic expressive layers and harmonious halftones. 

“Sometimes, as I am mixing the colors or putting on the next layer, I feel as though I am playing a game with physical reality, communing with nature and all her divine elements.” This tender connection not only to the mere result of his labor, but also the raw experience is the basis of all Tadas work. 

“Painting is both work and rest to me, an absolute meditation” he confirms.


The most reoccurring motif within Tadas work is the inexhaustible archetype of a woman. Sometimes she appears from his dreams, other times she is a snapshot of the past, or perhaps even a distant memory on other artists’ canvases. Through her, Tadas receives mental images which he then transmutes into works of art adorned with his signature strokes and color schemes.